Friday, February 10, 2012

Great Blog about Pop-A-Lock from a great Blog site!! guy is a great Photographer. Check out his blog but also check out his work. He has got to be one of the best in the Twin Cities.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Storm Relief

IN an effort to help the residents of North Minneapolis Recover from the storm damage, Pop-A-Lock is offering discounted services through out the month of June. All Car door unlocking will be offered at $39.95 flat rate 24/7 if the vehicle is located in North Minneapolis. In addition all locksmith service such as key makes for cars and residential key makes and lock repairs will be given a 10% discount off our retail rates.

As always make sure you check with the BBB before you hire a Locksmith to make sure you are not getting a dishonest Locksmith.

Please pass this information

Friday, April 22, 2011

Couple Very happy we rescued their child

We rescued another child from a locked car yesterday. They both got out of the car when they pulled up to their home and closed the front door and then realized all the doors were locked with their child locked in the car.

They heard about Pop-A-Locks Emergency Car Door Unlocking (EDU) and call us right away. We were there in 15 minutes and had him out in less than a minute. Below is a photo of the happy family.

This is the 5th EDU we have done this month.

From Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Minneapolis Photos

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Past customer calls us for EDU

Jenna was just finishing putting her grocery bags in the back of her explorer when her keys fell out of her purse and landed on the edge of the back hatch. When she closed the hatch it hit her key fob and locked the doors. Unfortunately her baby was just put in the car seat right before she put the grocery away and now was locked inside the car too.

Jenna knew what to do instantly, she called Pop-A-Lock. Pop-A-Locked helped her a few months back when she locked the keys in her car at a restaurant and she remembered that they talked about a free service when children are locked inside. She had our number in her cell phone and called us immediately to see if we could help. We dispatch a Tech who was there in 12 minutes and got Jenna car open in less than a minute.

We unlock 10 - 12 cars free of charge every month because children or pets are locked inside. We have unlocked over 400 vehicles since we opened in June of 2007, this totals over $18,000 of service donated to the Twin Cities community in 4 years.

We love the Twin Cities and we love serving the community, so please let everyone know about Pop-A-Lock. Have them put our number in their phones. 612-331-3093

From Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Minneapolis Photos

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another child saved!

We had another opportunity to serve the community last Thursday by unlocking a car with a disabled Child locked inside at 3900 West River Parkway in Minneapolis. The mother just put the child in the car seat at the Dowling Elementary school. Once she shut the side door she was in a panic when she realized the car was locked and her disabled child was strapped into the car. She went into the school office and had them call the fire department. It was not easy because she did not speak good English and they had to find the interpreter. The fire truck arrived at the location quickly but they were having some problems getting the car unlocked. They had the police there and a lot of parents also were watching. One of the parents suggested Pop-A-Lock. The Fire Fighter suggested that the office assistant go in a give us a call.

We were there in 15 minutes and had the car open in less than a minute. The mother and school were very grateful that we were able to help and could not believe that the service was free. Below is a photo of the mother and the car the child was locked in.

It is such a great feeling to help people out when they are in need.

Please let people in the Twin Cities know about us.

Pop-A-Lock MN
652 36th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Friday, April 8, 2011

Are your locks Cheaper than Menards?

I had a customer call asking if they could buy locks from me cheaper than Menard's the other day. I told the customer that with all due respect I think they are asking the wrong question. The question should be do you sell locks that are more durable and have better security? The fact is your first concern should be will the lock help prevent someone from breaking into my house and then how long will it last. When you think about it, even a cheap lock will last you a few years before it wears out, but the security and the finish durability of the lock will not be as good as a grade two lock.

A excellent grade 2 lock can and should last for decades but the real advantage is the extra security it can provide for you and your family.

Here's an example:

Lets say you pick up a lock at a store and it is $30 and then let's say you buy a good grade two lock from your Locksmith that cost $60. By definition of the lock grades, a grade two lock should last about twice as long as a grade three. In other words. Over ten years you could go through two grade three locks for every grade two lock you have. Your actual out of pockett cost for your locks are exactly the same. The big difference is the security of your home will be much better with a grade two lock and a reinforced strike plate.

The moral of the story is Price should not be the first consideration when you buy locks. Security and grade should be the biggest factors.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are you looking for that Motorcycle key you put away last winter?

For some reason a lot of people in Minnesota have motorcycles. I love motorcycles but find that the short season can be a little frustrating. Around this time of year those of us who have a motorcycle start the process of taking out of storage and getting ready for the first weekend ride.

The first question that most of us have is "where did I put the key to the bike"

The answer for some of you after searching for a week to find it is I don't have a clue of where my motorcycle key is.

Not to worry because at Pop-A-Lock we can make almost any motorcycle key, even the classic bikes that go back 30 plus years.

Give us a call and we can quot you a price and usually can be out that day or the next to have you on your machine before the great weekend begins.

Remember to call Pop-A-Lock @ 612-331-3093 and we will have you cruising in no time.